Aqua Meds Aqua MedZyme DC Dry Concentrate


Aqua Meds Aqua MedZyme DC Dry Concentratereduces deadly ulcers and water borne bacteria in your Koi pond. Regular use of Aqua MedZyme can permanently reduce all strains of deadly ulcer causing aeromonas and pseudomonas in your Koi pond by starving them to death. Aqua MedZyme contains 760,000,000 -- yes, seven hundred and sixty million HUNGRY "beneficial bacteria" per ml that eat the same food as aeromonas, pseudomonas, which starves them to levels so low they can not harm your koi fish or pond fish. Because Aqua MedZyme offers superior strength over competitor "Zymes" on the market, it takes 33% less Aqua MedZyme at pond water temperatures between 63 to 68 degrees. Plus Aqua MedZyme is priced less!


  • Treats fish pond water as low as 40 degrees (F) Great for early spring & late fall treatments or locations where the pond water temp does not reach 55 degrees until late spring
  • Formula has been tested extensively in Koi Ponds, Commercial Aquaculture Applications, Private Veterinary laboratories and University Studies
  • Can be stored for two years at room temperature or 3 years if kept refrigerated
  • DOES NOT contain chemicals, antibiotics or medications, 100% natural
  • Is safe for pond filters, plants, pets and wildlife

Will keep your koi fish and pond fish safe from the "deadly bacteria" in your pond! That's what makes Aqua MedZyme the number one choice of the most successful pond keepers across the U.S.


  • 1lb. Aqua MedZyme dry concentrate treats 125,000 gallons
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