Algae Control for Ponds

Pond Leader is your source for quality algae control products for ponds and water gardens.

Green Clean Algaecide is ideal for use in Koi ponds and a great choice for cleaning algae off waterfalls. EPA registered, non-copper product. Kills algae on contact. Results can be seen immediately. Non-harmful to fish and aquatic plants. Curative algae programs.  

Crystal Clear Algae-Off will help remove string algae from waterfalls, streams and rocks in seconds. Use the maintenance dosage of Algae-Off once a week and eliminate complete pond shut down for yearly clean-outs forever. Algae-Off will also keep fountain intakes clean and remove unsightly scum and algae from the perimeter of any size pond. Algae-Off is your personal pond cleaner in a bottle, without the time, money, mess, effort to catch the fish, drain the pond, wash and scrub in the pond, refill the pond and put the fish back in hoping you don't stress them and kill them.  

Pond Care AlgaeFix is our #1 selling brand algaecide for use in Koi ponds and water gardens. The pond owner's number one problem has been green water caused by single-cell algae, blanketweed & string algae. Previously, all algaecides that dealt with this issue were non-selective & killed or damaged all plants in the pond along with the algae. In addition to their plants being killed, many pond owners became concerned that the fish in their ponds would be harmed and their fish pond care would be hindered. AlgaeFix solves all these problems.

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