AquaBead Filters

Pond Leader is your source for AquaBead Pond Filters.

AquaBead Filters are the industry standard when it comes to quality bead filters. Manufacturered by GCTek, the world leaders in Koi pond filtration, AquaBead Filters are the bead filters by which all others ar measured. These professional grade pond filtration systems do an excellent job for Koi ponds up to 25,000 gallons.

AquaBead Filters utilize the AquaSwirl internal Vortex spinning design that spins heavier solids to the center of the bottom of the vessel. A convenient 2" Clear Union Spring Check Valve located right under the blower provides maximum flow and has built-in unions. If you should ever have to replace the spring check valve, it is no big deal. Just unscrew the top and bottom of the valve, remove the valve body, replace with a new body and re-hand tighten the two unions. Total repair time is under 2 minutes!

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