Pond Pumps - Submersible

Pond Leader is your source for the best submersible pond pumps on the market today.

Alita AUP Pumps are world-class submersible pumps ideal for use in Koi ponds and water gardens. Featuring 1.4" solids handling capacity, Alita Pumps are known worldwide for providing years of reliable use. Built to last, Alita Pumps are also covered by a 2 year limited warranty.

Alpine Cyclone Pumps are an excellent choice for use in ponds and water gardens. These quality pumps feature energy saving split tube motor with 33' cord. Pumps can be used vertically or horizontally. Features vortex impeller and large pre-filter. Easy to disassemble on both sides without tools. Solids handling up to 1/4". Operates in our out of water. Covered by 3 year manufacturer's warranty.

Anjon Big Frog Pumps offer years of reliable use. Durability is engineered in. High quality, double lipped silicone carbide seals keep water out. Our stainless steel shaft & housing with fiberglass reinforcement resists abrasion and corrosion. Reliability is the result. Big Frog's boast a 99+% service rating with less than a 1% factory defect rate. Thermal overload sensor and automatic shut-off prevents Big Frog pumps from overheating and burning out. A vortex impeller easily handles solids up to 1¼". A patented, removable guard keeps fish and frogs safe.

Atlantic Tital Wave Pumps have set the new standard for performance, quality, and durability. These professional grade pumps are engineered for high-head, high volume applications and perform where most pumps cannot.

AquascapePro™ horizontal pond pumps are energy efficient and low maintenance. Quiet and efficient, these oil-free pumps have stainless steel construction, along with rubber feet to reduce vibration. With high head heights and huge flow rates, the AquascapePro™ line excels in the water gardening industry.

Beckett Versa Gold Series Pumps are an excellent choice for use in fountains, statuary, and other water features. These quality pumps are designed for continuous duty operation and environmentally safe thanks to their non-oil filled design. Versa Gold Series Pumps also offer low maintenance compared to other pumps on the market. Underwater use only. Covered by a manufacturer's 2 year warranty.

Little Giant's NEW wet rotor, water feature pumps are offer exceptional engineering without the use of oil or mechanical seals. Designed with flexibility in mind, the wet rotor pump can be installed submersed or externally, vertically or horizontally. Created with NPT threads and SPIG fittings built in, this pump can accept various types of fittings/tubing adapters.

Matala Versiflow Pumps are one of the most reliable and energy efficient submersible pond pumps on the market today. Ideal for continuous flow duty, Versiflow Pumps are also the perfect replacement for Aquascape pumps. Offering outstanding flow rates, these top quality pumps are an amazing value. One of the best-selling pumps on the market today. and covered by a two year manufacturer's warranty. Versiflow Pumps can be installed either vertically or horizontally and are fully submersible. These powerful pumps can also handle solids like a champ!

OASE AquaMax SF 1600 Pump is the perfect choice for any backyard pond or water garden. Offering outstanding performance and high flow rates, this durable submersible water circulation pump is recommended by leading industry professionals. This low-voltage addition to the Aquamax line of filter and watercourse pumps features OASE's revolutionary ECO technology, which reduces energy consumption by about 40% without sacrificing performance.

PerformancePro WellSpring Pumps are one of best submersible pumps on the market today. These world-class circulation pumps are the perfect choice for any pond or water garden. Specifically designed for easy installaton, WellSpring Pumps offer outstanding performance and reliability. An excellent choice for in-pond, skimmer, and sump installations. The high quality components and durable construction ensure efficient operation and long term reliability. Covered by a two year warranty.

Pond Boss Pumps feature a built-in 6 watt UV clarifier, making the an ideal choice for smaller ponds and water gardens. An amazing value, these economical water circulation pumps are quickly becoming one of our best sellers.

PondBuilder Clear Water Pumps are great for pre-filtered water feature applications. These pumps have proven themselves the best value on the market. We're so confident in their durability we've extended the warranty to 18 months. These pumps are quickly becoming one of the most popular pumps in the industry!

PondMaster Mag-Drive Pumps are designed and manufactured using the latest developments in magnetic technology. The pump consists of a power unit encased in water-proof epoxy which creates a magnetic field. This drives a powerful magnetic ceramic impeller, the only moving part, which makes it extremely energy efficient (over 50% savings compared to equivalent conventional pumps). These fish-safe magnetic pumps are virtually maintenance free with no seals to wear out.

Savio Water Master Clear Pumps are the ideal choice for creating dramatic waterfalls and water features - at an affordable price point. Water Master Clear Pumps provide the high level of reliability and durability that professionals demand. Utilizing the same wear-resistant, internal components as Savio's industry leading Water Master Solids series, Water Master Clear pumps trade solids handling capability for higher head pressures. Housings and and internal components are completely non-corrosive and oil-less for the safety of fish and plants.

ShinMaywa Norus Pumps are widely regarded the finest pumps for the water garden market. Designed to be a truly continuous duty motor so you can run you water feature 24/7/365 with confidence. The ShinMaywa pumps are constructed of Stainless Steel and corrosion resistant Poly Amide Fiber Reinforced Resin. Covered by a 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

Tsurumi Pumps are submersible pumps designed to circulate water in garden ponds, create waterfalls and water features. Durable resin molded parts aid in longer overall pump life. Semi-vortex, fiberglass reinforced plastic, impeller passes solids and stringy material without clogging and increases wear resistance when abrasive particles are present.


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