EasyPro Pro-Series Aquafalls Large Waterfall Filter


EasyPro Pro-Series AquaFalls Filters are the perfect choice for any pond or water garden.


  • AquaFalls Filters have an inlet hole on each side of the filter (except the mini AquaFalls). Use the one that’s most convenient for your incoming water and simply plug the other hole with plug (included) or buy a ball valve and use the second hole as a drain

  • Easy to install, simply bolt lip to filter and you’re done — no foaming rock lip into place!

  • AquaFalls Filters are buried into the ground making them easy to hide

  • AquaFalls can be ordered with Matala Filter Pads. These are the best quality filter pads on the market.When ordered with the filter, one green and two blue pads are included


ModelMax Pond Size (Gallons)Dimensions (L x W x H)Waterfall Opening (Weir)Bulkhead/Inlet FittingMax Flow RateWeight
AT21,20018" x 24" x 18"14"1-1/2" (1)40 GPM25 lbs.
AT1,20018" x 24" x 18"14"1-1/2" (1)40 GPM23 lbs.
AS22,50026" x 26" x26"18"2" (2)70 GPM35 lbs.
AS2,50026" x 26" x 26"18"2" (2)70 GPM33 lbs.
AM26,00035" x 36" x 28"26"2" (2)120 GPM46 lbs.
AM6,00035" x 36" x 28"26"2" (2)120 GPM43 lbs.
AL215,00036" x 65" x 36"50"2" (2)250 GPM75 lbs.
AL15,00036" x 65" x 36"50"2" (2)250 GPM75 lbs.
Item # Description Price Points  
ALGR EasyPro Pro-Series Rock/Plant Grate for Large Aquafalls Was $239.99$215.99 200 Ships 4 Free
AL2 EasyPro Pro-Series Large Aquafalls w/Matala Pads Was $1,249.99$1,124.99 1100 Ships 4 Free
AL EasyPro Pro-Series Large Aquafalls Was $1,249.99$1,124.99 1100 Ships 4 Free
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