Zapp Pure UV sterilizers


Zapp Pure UV Sterilizers are commercial quality, high performance UV sterilizers designed for Koi ponds up to 40,000 gallons. This exciting new UV was designed to work with today's low amperage pumps and high flow filters, such as the AlphaONE. Sporting an impressive 4" vessel with 2" inlets/outlets means no flow restrictions. These units are truly high performance/high intensity units utilizing over 70,000 microwatts of killing power. Few UV's can make this claim. These units won't nickel and dime you to death. Replace only one lamp instead of several. This could save you big money! Changing a lamp or ballast on these is so simple even an adult can do it. It's not as complicated as programming your VCR. Remove the top cover, unplug the single 4 prong connector, slide out the lamp and insert the new one and you're done. Removing the quartz tube is just as easy.


Max Pond Size6,000 gallons12,000 gallons20,000 gallons40,000 gallons
Flow Rate2,100 gph4,000 gph6,000 gph7,812 gph
Item # Description Price Points  
ZP-5Q Zapp Pure 5 Replacement Quartz Sleeve Was $81.95$73.75 70 Ships 4 Free
ZP-5L Zapp Pure 5 Replacement Lamp Was $129.95$116.95 100 Ships 4 Free
ZP-5/10B Zapp Pure 5/10 Replacement Ballast Was $139.95$132.95 100 Ships 4 Free
ZP-20Q Zapp Pure 20 Replacement Quartz Sleeve Was $144.95$137.95 100 Ships 4 Free
ZP-40Q Zapp Pure 40 Replacement Quartz Sleeve Was $168.95$159.95 100 Ships 4 Free
ZP-10L Zapp Pure 10 Replacement Lamp Was $169.95$152.95 100 Ships 4 Free
ZP-20/40B Zapp Pure 20/40 Replacement Ballast Was $169.95$161.95 100 Add to Cart
ZP-20L Zapp Pure 20 Replacement Lamp Was $199.95$179.95 100 Ships 4 Free
ZP-40L Zapp Pure 40 Replacement Lamp Was $219.95$199.95 200 Ships 4 Free
ZP-5 Zapp Pure 5 UV Sterilizer Was $1,142.95$1,084.95 1000 Ships 4 Free
ZP-10 Zapp Pure 10 UV Sterilizer Was $1,511.95$1,436.95 1400 Ships 4 Free
ZP-20 Zapp Pure 20 UV Sterilizer Was $1,694.95$1,609.95 1600 Ships 4 Free
ZP-40 Zapp Pure 40 UV Sterilizer Was $1,914.95$1,819.95 1800 Ships 4 Free
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